Adult Coloring Book Illustrator Artist Jess Perna

by Michele Hauf The Coloring Club

Wow!  Okay, that's the review.

Just kidding. But really, that's all I need to say. This. Book. Is. Awesome. You need it. You really do.

This is an oversize book that measures 12" x 18". Poster-size illustrations done in a variety of topics, from glamorous women, faeries, outdoors scenes,
farmyard, underwater, etc. You can see all the pages in the video above.

The 26 drawings are top-notch. The lines, thick and clean, really make it a pleasure to get lost in the coloring project.

The paper is 100lb, meaning, it's thick! Markers will not bleed through with this paper (but alcohol markers do; they bleed through every paper thickness).

The binding is glued so it is very easy to pull out a page to work on. And at the back of the book is a cardboard insert so you can place that behind your
coloring page if you want to curl up on the couch with it. (Extra note: the book is packaged very nicely and arrives in the mail perfect condition.)

It will take you a while to complete these pages. I was calling mine a project' halfway through and it took more than a week with a few stolen minutes here and
there, and a nice long hour session every-so-often. There is also a line at the bottom of each page for you, the artist, to sign your work.

There is a picture for every taste in this book, but I'm sure you'll end up liking most of them, if not all. This book could also be great for older kids or a
mom/kid Saturday afternoon project spent working on the same page (because it's so big, you'll have room to work alongside one another).

The Coloring Club gives this book their Best Book award because it should appeal to virtually everyone and the quality is
excellent. This book is only available directly from the publisher and I promise that the price is worth it

Review: Adult Coloring Book Variety Posters #1 Illustrated by Jess Perna

by Amber @ Book Stacks Amber
My Review
What I liked:
This coloring book is GORGEOUS. When I received it and I flipped through all the pages, I was in awe of how pretty the
art is.  I almost didn’t even want to color in it!
Included is a sturdy piece of cardboard to place behind the page you’re currently working on so you don’t put grooves on
the next page.
The illustrations are only printed on one side! It’s so frustrating when I find a cool coloring book and open it up only to see
it’s printed on both sides.
The paper is a nice quality and thickness for a variety of mediums.  I used markers on one page and there wasn’t any
bleed through at all.  It’s 100# bright white paper, and I don’t know enough about paper to know what that means but I
can tell you it’s really good quality!
This is one of the biggest coloring books I own, and definitely the biggest that I’ve received by mail.  It arrived in perfect
condition, packaged in a flat box and covered in plastic
I love that the book is bound with glued edges that pull out very easily.  So many coloring books have perforated pages or
staples and it can be difficult to remove a page from the book without damaging it.  I didn’t have any issue with that in this
The bottom of each page lists Illustrator: Jess Perna, Colors: _________ with a blank space to write your own name. I
thought this was really fun and it’s something I’ve never seen in a coloring book before.
There is a huge variety in the illustrations. There are people, animals, still-life, views from cities around the world, multiple
historical settings, and more!  I’ll never get tired of all the different things I can color in this book. Don’t forget that you can
preview every page on the book’s website!

What I didn’t like:
I had a hard time coming up with a “dislike” for this coloring book. The only think I could think of is that when I pulled out
the cardboard piece, the back cover of the book started to come off. But I was able to fix that really easily with a couple
pieces of packing tape on the spine and it worked like a charm.

I highly recommend checking out this adult coloring book! It’s not available on Amazon, but you can purchase it
the publisher’s website.
"El Cajon illustrator Jess Perna goes back to his drawing roots with adult coloring book
Editor  Albert H. Fulcher       Wed May 04, 2016

Jess Perna is not new to the scene when it comes to graphic illustrations in any form. With his first commission at the age
of 11, Perna drew his way through life. Since earning his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, the work under his
belt spreads through major corporations and government entities that are household names. His large repertoire of clients
keeps Perna busy on deadlines continuously. From children’s books to gallery shows, his work passes the boundaries of
any one label and he has earned many awards in the field due to his work. But he found something about a year ago that
led him to take on a personal project. Something fun, interesting and beneficial. He discovered the oncoming trend of adult
coloring books.

His first book, now available, “Adult Coloring Book Variety Posters #1” is an intricate and exquisite works of art on high
quality 12” x 18” poster paper, making it available for about any type of medium the colorist might use. With a diverse
collection of 26 posters, Perna utilizes various styles, bringing an eclectic collection suitable for framing and lovable to a
wide range of audience. With this first book it took him about 20 hours per page. “I really pushed myself, and spent many
hours studying wardrobe, cities and found all the attributes to create the page,” he said.

Self published in El Cajon, his book is a result of his constant desire to return to art that is interesting and fun. And this
book, although it took a year to complete with overtime, nights and weekend hours, is the first in a series Perna said he
hopes “people love coloring as much as he loved drawing it.”  
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Adult Coloring Book Variety Posters #1 by Jess Perna

Shelly Durham Reviews Adult Coloring Books

•26 Coloring Posters      •Glue Bound Tears Out Easily
•Heavy weight paper      •Dimensions 12" X 18"

•Illustrations are Single sided   •Non perforated

•Recommended for beginner to advanced colorists

•ISBN 9780997438208

Published with the written permission of Jess Perna

Video review by Shelly Durham