How to order illustrations like a pro.
FAQ - How to Order Illustrations and Custom Artwork like a Pro!     
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Directions for taking a clear photo of a face:
If you do not have a professionally taken photo:
1 - Stand 6 feet back from the subject and put the camera on the highest setting.  
Closer than 6 feet unnaturally distorts and enlarges noses.   
Notice how the ears disappear when the camera is too close.
Do not take a selfie.  Have another person take 2 steps back away from you and take the picture.
2-  Set your phone to its highest picture quality and resolution. This will give you the best definition.
You often can't get the same results by editing a low resolution photo later on.
Most smart phones have a section under settings for the camera.

Once your quest for the right illustrator has ended, the next step is knowing how to instruct the artist to draw what you have in mind.  
The best way to be satisfied with the art you order is to be extremely clear in your instructions.

Below is a list of questions designed to help organize your requests.  
1- How many illustrations do you want?

2- For each illustration provide the following list of the elements to be included in the composition.  
For example:  A color drawing of a woman next to a SOLD sign in front of a ranch house with a lawn and trees.

3- For what purpose will the art be used?  

4- What is the largest size you will need it to be?

5-  What is the eye, brown, lip, hair and skin color of the subjects?
Color Choices for People.  Scroll down this page and see some of them.

6 - Will there be any text or a logo on the illustration?  
Do you want the artist to provide the text or leave room for your printer to place the text on the finished art.  
If you want the artist to do it what
font should be used?  
If you are having your printing company place the text they can superimpose it on the art.

7- Do you need the artist to design a logo and if so what are your ideas for it?
What is the message you want to convey?

8- Do you want a logo you already have placed on the art?  Can you supply a digital image of the logo?

Select a Color Scheme

10-  Ask the illustrator to show you samples of art which conveys the type and quality of the illustrations they create,
however, do not expect them to have the  exact thing you have in mind.  
For instance, if you want a picture of a bride on a skateboard and they have drawn skateboards
and brides separately you can be confident they draw them together.   
If the artist can draw an airplane but has not drawn a skateboard be confident they can draw the skateboard.

11-  Be as specific in your instructions as possible to avoid disappointment and frustration.
Artists are not mind readers.  It is vital to provide good instructions.

12- Our company provides the digital art or a mailed print for a fee, but we do not print invitations,
postcards or stationery.  
We are an art studio.  We suggest Kinko's for printing as they do a good job and the colors come out well.

Written by Judy Cutler, Art Director  800-483-3239  All Art Made in the USA
Choose From a Huge Selection of  Hair, Beard, Moustache, Brow, Eye and Lip Colors
Blue Eyes
Brown eyes
Photo 1 Good Reference - Photos 2 - 5 Bad Photo Reference